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~ This is a list of what I have ready to go today ~
Manx Kittens
Our Critters
Chicken Tractor
Click on photo to go to that web page
~ Coops ~
Cream with Red roof

Peafowl Feathers~
Several feathers 6" to 4' long

~ Peacocks ~
Only a few chicks left for the year

~ Chickens ~
RIW roosters only - 3+ months old

ph.#   918-273-2515
~ Whats going on now ~
It is not going as fast as I would like, there is a lot of family stuff going on that has
slowed me down quite a bit. My knee is in pretty good shape now so that has helped
a lot, it has been 9 weeks since my knee replacement.
I am finishing up 4 coops now, out of them I have 3 sold. After they are done I have
at least one run I have to build to finish the orders. I only have a few pea chicks left
for the year. I still have some RIW roosters for sale that are 3+ months old now.