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~ This is a list of what I have ready to go today ~
Manx Kittens
Our Critters
Chicken Tractor
Click on photo to go to that web page
~ Coops ~
Grow-Out Pen  ~  6' x 10' grass green pen

~ Chicks ~
I have RIW, Ameraucana & Cochin bantams hatching every week

Peafowl Feathers~
Several feathers 6" to 4' long

ph.#   918-273-2515
~ Whats going on now ~
I have 2 coops that are still here but are ready to go to their new homes, they are
both sold but if you would like to stop by and see them you are welcome. My
husband is now to where he can help me build, so things around here are going a lot
faster. We are now building 4 more coops and runs, as of now all 4 are sold. If you
would like one of the next ones, just let me know.

Between the chicks hatching every week for next 3 months and all the cats having
kittens, it is going to be a real busy spring.