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~ This is a list of what I have ready to go today ~
Manx Kittens
Our Critters
Chicken Tractor
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~ Peafowl Feathers~
Several feathers 6" to 4' long

~ Chickens ~
RIW roosters only - 5 months old

~ Grow-Out Pen ~
Grass Green

ph.#   918-273-2515
~ Whats going on now ~
Finished up the 4 coops and runs, they are all sold waiting for pickup now. It is now
time for fall cleaning, I have several days of brush hogging to do. This place gets
away from me in the spring because I am so busy with the coops so I have to wait
until fall to catch up. There are several trees that need trimmed and cleaned up. The
weeds were bad this year and they need cleaned out and they are everywhere. Time
to get the sinus pills and go to work.