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~ This is a list of what I have ready to go today ~
Manx Kittens
Our Critters
Chicken Tractor
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~ Peafowl Feathers ~
Several feathers 6" to 4' long

~ Chicks ~
RIW - Ameraucana - Cochin bantams - G.E.M.s

~ Coops ~
Will have a large portable coop done soon

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~ Whats going on now ~

I am starting 4 more of the large portable coops, hope to have them done in a few weeks.  
The large coops worked out better then I could have hoped for. They lift easy from the
front and with the 4 tires it can be pushed or pulled, even turned around and then sit
tight to the ground. I am doing them in two styles, an open style that has a half side and
quarter side, with 1 nesting box and 2 perches. The other is an enclosed style that has
two 8' sides, 2 nesting boxes and 3 perches.

I have decided that I am only building the large coops for a while. I am unable to find
the hex wire I use for the outside runs for my chicken tractors. The only wire I can find is
the 1 x 2 heavy wire like I use on the coops and that is at least 4x the cost and a lot more
weight making a run to expensive and heavy to move without tires.

I only have a few more weeks of hatching chicken chicks so if you want some let me know.