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~ This is a list of what I have ready to go today ~
Manx Kittens
Our Critters
Chicken Tractor
Click on photo to go to that web page

~ Peafowl Feathers ~
Several feathers 6" to 4' long

~ Chickens ~
Splash Cochin Bantam Roosters

ph.#   918-273-2515
~ Whats going on now ~

I just finished my large portable coop, I am now going to build 2 more with changes.
It is a coop/run 6' x 10' pen that you can walk in and can easily be moved by hand. It
can be used to put small chicks in and grow them up to be your laying flock. I have
added a new page under my  Chicken Coop page with photos of the one I just
If you are waiting till spring to order something, I would think about getting it now.
Spring gets real busy around here and if you call in the rush of spring orders it could
take me a couple of months to get it done.
Pay Pal offers a buy now and pay later plan, that way you can get it now and pay for
it at tax time. Look on my payment page for more info about it.

I am also taking orders for this springs chicks, more info on my Chicken page.