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7’6” long  x  4’ wide  x  5’ tall
2 story ~ Same floor space as a 4' x 15' pen
Holds up to 12 standard chickens , up to 15 bantams or a whole  lot of
"Ideal for 4 to 8 Chickens"

~ Deluxe Chicken Tractor ~
Deluxe chicken tractor  includes:
2 story  ~  over 56 square feet of actual floor space
Feed door with built-in feeder  ~  Egg door with 3 nests
Back window with wire cover and wood door
1” x 2” heavy 14 gauge wire run
1" x 1/2" heavy 16 gauge wire floor
All exposed lumber is treated not just stained so it won’t rot        
Wire ladder  ~  All zinc hardware  ~  wood deck screws, no nails
2” x 4” wooden perch, primer, 2 basic paint colors
Solid rubber tires with steel brackets

Ask about special paint colors
These Chicken Tractors are built for Oklahoma, we have temperatures from 115 to -15
and very strong winds. Wood is a must because it stays cooler in the summer and
warmer in the winter then steel, you just have to make sure it is sealed for it to last for

Also very important is the wire I use on my coops and runs, today’s poultry wire is so
thin a dog or a large coon can rip it apart. I only use the 1”x 2” heavy 14 gauge steel
wire that is used to make rabbit cages, for runs I use a 17 gauge hex wire, today's
chicken netting is 20 gauge, hardware cloth is 19 gauge (the bigger the number the
thinner the wire). No chicken wire or hardware cloth should ever be used near the
ground. I know for a fact predators can rip it apart and kill the animals inside.

The way you figure how many chickens you can put in a pen:
Standard chickens need between 8 to 12 inches of roost per bird and a 2" x  4" perch,
nothing smaller for standard chickens. If you have a 4 foot perch, the most birds that
can roost is 6, and that is only the smaller breeds. If you have real large breeds you can
only fit 4 birds if that. Birds need a covered run that is 4 to 8 square feet per bird, that
is 2’x 2’ to 2’x 4’ per bird, also you need 1 nest for every 4 hens.

Chickens must not be over crowed because they will kill each other, even if they have
fresh grass everyday.

Payment can be
made with cash or

I will only take
checks if they clear
your bank before
you pick it up

Go to my
Payment page for
more info
This 2 story coop is my design only, I didn't copy another design from
someone else. If you see any others like it out there, they copied mine.
After I built my first 2 story coop several years ago, I used it, then I
make improvements on it before building another one.

This coop is great because it gives you twice the floor space. No
crawling in a 4’ tall pen to get to an egg in the corner or to get to the
feed pan, with the built-in feeder, just open the door and pour in the
feed. The top door is big enough to lean into so you can reach
everything inside. If a egg is laid on the ground, just push the pen over
the top of the egg and pick it up. With the wire bottom it stays cooler
in the summer, when the cooler shaded air raises up into the top part
and with the back window open it lets the heat out. Even in the winter
it works great, because you can shut the back window and keep the
heat inside. If the temperatures gets to cold, just add a little hay on
the wire, you can even hang a light from the top so they will lay all
winter. With the wire bottom it is easy cleaning the box, most of the
poop just falls to the ground, you just have to move the pen over a few
feet to new grass. With 4 tires, you just push it where you need to go,
on even ground you can push it with one hand.

I  designed these coops to be very user friendly  so anyone can use
them.  I only use materials that will last for years. If you make it right
the first time, then there is no maintenance for years.
I make each one as if I were keeping it myself.
Come by and take a look at these coops
You will see for yourself  how well they are made and how much bigger the box is
compared to the others out there and remember the bigger the box the more
chickens you can put in it.
If you would like to stop by and take a look just let me know
Feed Door with built in Feeder
Egg Door with 3 Nest
Cream & Barn Red
Back veiw with Window Open
Lt Gray & Dark Green
Sliding doggie doors comes as part of the run, if you want a dogie door without a run
it is $25 per door.
Click on photos to enlarge ~ Just a few of the colors I have done
OTC # 649964
If you need more
room look on the
Coop & Runs
Looking inside front door
Barn Red & Cream
Country Cottage