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Large Portable Coop
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These coops are 6' wide x 10' long x 6'+ tall
With the solid rubber tires it clears the ground so it can be moved by
where you want to go. It can even be turned completely around in one
spot. Then just drop the back guard down so it is all tight to the ground.
~ These coops include ~
Insulated metal roof with protective metal flashing to prevent pecking
Treated exterior lumber  ~  4 Solid rubber tires with steel brackets
1/2" B/C Plywood sides painted with Premium Behr weather proofing color stain  
Heavy 1"x 2" cage wire  ~  Deck screws  ~  Nesting boxes  ~  Roost bars ~ Corner braces
Wire covered back window ~ Reinforcing cleats for extra strength
Enclosed Style  ~  $1,600
Coop End Style  ~  $1,600
Coop Runs ~ $425 ea.
6' wide x 10' long x 3' tall (dogie door on side of coop extra)
These Chicken Tractors are built for Oklahoma, we have temperatures from 115 to -15
and very strong winds.
Heavy wire is a must on coops and runs, today’s poultry netting and hardware cloth is
so thin a dog or a large coon can rip it apart.  I only use the 1”x 2” heavy 14 gauge steel
wire that is used to make rabbit cages, today's chicken netting is 20 to 22 gauge,
hardware cloth is 19 gauge (the bigger the number the thinner the wire). No chicken
wire or hardware cloth should ever be used near the ground. I know for a fact predators
can rip it apart and kill the animals inside.

Metal roofs are great, but they must be insulated or they are a death trap. Because
chickens love to eat insulation, it is better to use wood on the sides where they can
reach. I never use any kind of glue boards for siding, they will not hold a screw and no
matter how well you paint it, it will fall apart, ask anyone who ever lived in a trailer
house what happens when the floor gets wet. Shingled roofs don't last here either, we
have high winds and to many hail storms. A 35 year shingle will last half that if you are
lucky and then when it starts to leak it will rot the wood under the shingle so you not
only have to replace the shingle you will the wood too.

The way you figure how many chickens you can put in a pen:
Standard chickens need between 8 to 16 inches of roost per bird and at least a 2 x 3
perch, nothing smaller for standard chickens. If you have a 4 foot perch, the most birds
that can roost is 6, and that is only the smaller breeds, if you have real large breeds you
can only fit 3 birds. Birds need enough room so when they get off the roost they can
walk around under a covered area, also you need 1 nest for every 4 to 5 hens. An easy
way to figure if you have enough room inside you coop is figure that each chicken is the
size of a basket ball and you don't want them touching when they are inside the covered

Chickens must not be over crowed because they will kill each other, even if they have
fresh grass everyday. They are also highly additive, so if you think you are only going to
get about two and only need a real small coop, think again. You will start out with a
couple and spend a few hundred dollars on a small cheap coop that you bought at the
feed store. Then after a month or so, your cheap made coop is starting to fall apart and
your birds are  picking on each other because they are over crowed and you know you
want more birds. You will then go out and spend more money on a larger coop and the
one you bought at the feed store you will be lucky to sell for $25 because it is going to
have be rebuilt before someone can use it. Don't waste your money, go ahead and spend
a little extra now and buy a bigger coop that is well made, that will make you and your
birds happy for years to come.
Organic Coop ~ $1,750
Ceder lumber instead of treated, extra tall flashing over insulation
Heading to a
certified organic
farm in Missouri

Prices can
change due to
the price of
These coops can be painted in any custom color you want
The runs can be custom too, here is just a few
Do to the increased price of all my materials, I had to raise my prices for 2018
~ Extras if wanted ~
Side Dogie Door
(not included in price of run)
Custom paint - $25 (you keep the extra paint)
All coops are painted Barn Red unless you want a custom color

Nesting box lid -  $40