Okie Critters
Peafowl Chicks
$50 ea.
Peacock Feathers: $1 ea.
January 5, getting my tail back for this year's show-off season.
Peacocks will lose all their tail feathers every fall.
They start growing back in December and by breeding season they will be back to
full size. My birds last year had a 6 foot tall by 10 foot wide tail.
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Do not put any other birds with them, maybe 1 bantam chick to teach them to eat
and drink.  Keep them warm and dry, about 90 degrees the first week or two then
drop the temp slow. Always make sure they can get away from the heat if they need
to. Use paper towels for bedding the first couple of weeks, then you can use pine
shavings, not until then or they may eat them and die. Peafowl & turkey chicks don't
like to stand on wire so use a solid floor until they get bigger.

Feed game bird starter only (never chick starter) they need around 30% plus protein
for the first few months, when they get bigger you can feed them a high protein layer
pellet and mix in cat food to keep the protein up.  When they are a week or two old,
add oyster shells to their feed so their legs stay strong. You need to keep the protein
in the high 20's until they are full grown.
Peafowl need a high protein diet, a lot higher then chickens, off season I feed them a
18 to 20% protein layer pellet, in breeding season I add a 27% meat base dog food
to the layer pellet so they have about a 25% diet.
Treats: Black oil sunflower seeds, scratch grains, fruits, veggies, tomato worms, bugs

Peafowl and turkeys get sinus infections, in peafowl it is called bubble eye, in turkeys
it is called sinus sinus and other names, the best meds for them is BAYTRIL, it is a
cattle injectable drug you get only from the vets. On full size birds use 1cc (figure the
amount you will need on the size of birds you have from that) once a day for 2 to 3
days or 1 day past clear, give by mouth not as a shot.
These birds can get this often when they are under a year old, that is why it is so
important for them to stay out of the cold winds and stay dry when it is cold.